taygetos activities

The apartments “Taygetos” constitute the ideal starting line for your acquaintance with messinian Mani, while easily you can combine the mountain and the sea.

Also it is an ideal point of departure for the all nature lovers and hikers. In small distance from the village and the apartments is the gorge of Byrou, which has 20 km total length.

In ancient time, was widely known as “bridge”, due to the fact that it connected the prefecture with Lakonia.

The route is impressive while the point of initial departure is at an altitude of 1400m. in Taygetos and through the forest of Vasiliki and Saint Dimitri, and it is directed to Kardamyli and to the sea. 

Equally beautiful for whoever wants to cross it is the gorge of Rintomou, 19km length, which it is a little outside from Kalamata in the beginning of Messinian Mani.

The first historical report on this is referred from Paysania (160A.D.).

It is a total from abrupt rocks and rills with crystal waters which, in combination with the vegetation and the dense clumps of trees, create an internal dew and even in midday of the summertime, the solar beams do not achieve to pass. 

We propose the beautiful  beaches of Kardamyli, only a few kilometres away from apartments, for all who love the greek sea and the siny sun.